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Look at this masterfully tuned Chevy Camaro

20-04-2019 15:11
 This Chevrolet Camaro Widebody SS is a work of Ferrada Wheels

What you see here is perhaps the best tuning example we’ve seen over the past few weeks. This Chevrolet Camaro Widebody SS is a work of Ferrada Wheels, a company that initially specializes in the production of aftermarket wheels. But while many companies don’t bother pimping their cars out too much just to showcase a newly released wheel set, Ferrada spares no expense in making it look perfect.

The team started with a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro. The muscle car gained the full Stage 3 Performance body kit, including bolt-on fender flares, a front spoiler with integrated splitter, side skirt extensions, a ducktail trunk spoiler, and a sporty-looking diffuser.

For maximum visual appeal, the tuner adorned the car with numerous red highlights, notably including sporty stripes on the front apron and inside the headlights. It also lowered the suspension in an extreme way.

Ferrada Wheels picked the Forge8-FR8 forged wheel set for the model, installing it in 20x12 inches both in front and in the back. The elegant wheels enable a glimpse onto the custom red brake calipers sitting behind the spokes.

Reportedly, this particular Chevrolet Camaro Widebody SS has also undergone a number of under-the-hood improvements, but no specifics are available.

Photos: Ferrada Wheels

Chief Editor Olga Markelova
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