There is a world-class carpenter living in Vietnam who likes to treat his son to drivable wooden replicas of rare cars. He originally presented him with a Lambo Sian, then a Ferrari 250 GTO, and now with a copy of the world’s only Rolls-Royce Boat Tail.
Few would argue that the new BMW F40 M135i is a near-complete downgrade from its predecessor, the good old F20 M140i. Fewer cylinders, less power and no rear-wheel drive at all – what’s to be proud about? No wonder that is the older generation that got tuned to 730 PS (720 hp / 537 kW) earlier this week.
Chevrolet switching the eighth-gen Corvette to a mid-engine layout had some purists complaining about the dwindling trunk volume and offbeat exterior styling. But the sale stayed high, and with the latest styling package by Concept8, the exterior can be modified to taste.
An auction will take place in Paris, France on February 2, 2022 dedicated to 28 exotic Ferrari cars owned by collector and ex-racing driver Marcel Petitjean. The Petitjean Collection Part II contains vehicles dated 1959-1989 and comes to the block without reserve.
U.S.-based startup firm Nuro has unveiled the third generation of its all-electric courier robocar. Unlike the most of its peers, it has learned to drive itself on city streets, rather than sidewalks.
In case your eyes haven’t bled in a while, here is a British luxury limo converted by a father and son into an American muscle truck for hauling heavy trailers around.
Up until now, Friedrich Performance has largely dealt with producing carbon fiber components and sport exhaust systems for cars, but its latest endeavor sees an entire Porsche 911 GT3 reimagined with impressive stylistic and performance-related changes.