Car spotters have traced down this partially disguised Mercedes-AMG GT 73 4‑Door Coupé to the vicinity of the Arctic Circle. The test car may look like the range-topping GT 63 S, but the charging port in the back tells us it is a hybrid.
The Korean automaker reports that the new Sorento SUV comes based on a brand-new architecture and gains 35 mm (1.4”) of wheelbase along with 10 mm (0.2” of height).
There are a few body kit offerings already available for Model X owners looking for personalization, such as those from TSportline and Urban Automotive. But if you like the car for what it is, a simple wheel set will do just as nicely.
The 7th generation of the Toyota Hilux (2005–2015) doesn’t impress much with its engine range. The TRD Edition alone boasted a supercharged V6 4.0, and that one was limited to Australia only. With this V8-packing Hilux, you can feel your sense of justice gratified.
Canada-based Sherwood Customs has brought this badass off-roading truck to the last year’s SEMA. If you missed it back then, now is the time to catch up!
Skoda News, an unofficial Twitter page dedicated to the Czech marque, has published the following details about the upcoming Octavia range.
Cars spontaneously combusting has been a problem as long as the industry has existed, but as time went by, manufacturers have succeeded in identifying and eliminating most risk factors for gas-powered vehicles. EVs are still new, though, and therefore a problem.


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